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I'm Jose. I just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. A linguistics minor and a pre health minor. I am taking a year off to travel and see the world. This is the narrative of my experiences abroad. If you'd like to be on this adventure with me click follow! :]

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Yesterday I tried to do laundry but all the laundromats were closed because it was sunday. So annoying. I had no clean clothes for today so don´t judge me, but I used dirty clothes. I mean not dirty clothes, not visibly soiled, but clothes I had worn already. Tis the life of a backpacker.

I went to the Equator Museum and it was pretty cool. It was super complicated to get there. Well not really, but more complicated than I´m used to. I had to take the metro to rio coca, then bus to La Y station, then La Y station to Ofelia station, then bus to Mitad del Mundo. It was stressful and I speak spanish. I can´t even imagine how these foreign people do it. It only cost like $1 each way though. I only had $30 dollars with me so I was like fuck, what if I get lost and I have to take a cab, I hope 30 dollars is enough. lol. It was.

After that I watched a Salt with my German friend. Idk his name. lol. I made spaghetti for dinner. I´m trying to take vitamins so I don´t get sick and I´m chewing vitamin C tablets so I can get over this cough.

People also apparently think I´m dominican. It happened to me in Colombia too. Weird.

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